Team Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing Program for your business

Simple-to-use online platform to support the mental and physical health of your people.


Programs developed in partnership with leading psychologists


Video tutorials to give your employees the tools to help manage stress and create a positive mindset


80+ online yoga and movement classes, catering to all levels of ability


Educational resources, inspirational articles and healthy living tips

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Your look and feel

Your company’s team wellbeing portal will feel like part of your business from the get-go with your own URL, logo and colour scheme.

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Fast to deploy

Ready to roll-out company wide within 48 hours. Your whole team can be meditating within days.

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Powerful, life-changing tools at a fraction of the price of other corporate wellness offerings (such as gym memberships).

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Ongoing Support

Your dedicated account manager is on hand to help you get started and answer any of your questions.

Happy Customers

“We do a group class every week before our team meeting. It’s a great way for us to come together, de-stress and then focus on the topics at hand. My team is really enjoying this new routine and by incorporating the program in the office, we are also trying to encourage our employees to look after their wellbeing outside of the office.”

Aaron P

HR Manager

“I’m enjoying the yoga classes the most. I’ve never done yoga before but the gentle classes are the perfect pace for me. I can generally do a short class in the morning before going to work and a few times a week I do a longer session.  I feel better physically and am enjoying the mindfulness aspect of it also.”



“I’ve found the breathing techniques to be the most beneficial. They help me to destress and I find that I’m more relaxed and productive during the day. I can also see a difference in some of my team members who are managing their workloads with less stress. Great tools and a great platform.”

Sam M


“I quite often can feel stressed and overwhelmed by my workload but I’ve found the de-stress classes and techniques really helpful. I’m becoming more aware of my stress levels rising and although I’m a work-in-progress, I think I will be able to deal with my workload better in the future : ) ”



“Setup was straight-forward, our platform looks great and with our logo on it, it feels like our own site. We’ve had really positive feedback from our staff and it’s already started more conversations in the workplace about ways to be healthier and look after our mental wellbeing.”


Business Owner

For a healthy mind

With an increase of employees reporting mental health issues Australia-wide, now is the time to proactively support the mental wellbeing of everyone on your payroll, before they hit crisis point and need to take time off.


Breathing & mindfulness exercises to help reduce stress and anxiety


Quick and effective mindfulness and relaxation activities that can be completed in under 10 minutes

Healthy Body

For a healthy body

Daily movement is an essential part of living a long and healthy life and it contributes directly to both individual happiness and workplace performance.


Classes suitable to all ages and levels of experience


A growing collection of classes brought to you be a team of expert yoga teachers from across Australia


A variety of class durations to squeeze some healthy movement into your day, no matter your schedule

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Team Wellbeing Contributors

Steven Booker

Steven Booker

Psychology Partner

Training, Workshops & Mental Health Strategy Development

Hayley Meiklejohn

Hayley Meiklejohn


Chartered Accountant & Content Contributor

Tara Tubini

Tara Tubini


Content Contributor

Kat Harding

Kat Harding

Yoga Teacher

Employee Development & Yoga


How to create a mental health strategy for your workplace

Join Business Psychologist, Steven Booker to watch the first in our series of webinars on developing a mental health strategy for your workplace. Learn how to support your people to adapt, engage and thrive using wellbeing and mental health principles and tools. READ MORE

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